MTO Law Firm was originated as a result of the experience, commitment and professional development in the legal areas of customs law and foreign trade of each of the attorneys who make it up.

Our firm, formed by attorneys of renowned experience in the afore mentioned practice area at both national and international level, has as its main purpose to provide our clients with legal advice, rendering a quality, trustworthy, and expert service, like the one we have been rendering individually for years.


We are devoted to provide legal advice in customs and foreign trade law to national and foreign companies, as well as various chambers interested in import and export transactions to the benefit of their members, facilitating the settlement of operational and legal conflicts, in the customs, tax and judicial fields.

Our Law Firm further collaborates with governmental organizations in projects seeking to adapt the imports and exports regulations to keep up with the times, sharing the expertise and learning we have gained providing legal representation in the private sector.

In the area of unfair trade practices (dumping, countervailing duties, safeguard, quotas, etc.) we have close professional relationships with renowned foreign law firms (England; USA; Mexico; Brazil; Costa Rica; India; China and Japan, among others), and thus we can give a ready and efficient answer, meeting the demands of trade dynamics in nowadays globalized world.

At QMTO Law Firm we are strongly committed to providing our clients with high quality and professionally efficient solutions, in an atmosphere of dedication and loyalty to our clients, which enables us to excel in a market which is increasingly demanding prompt and successful outcomes in matters related to foreign trade.