What we do

Our Law Firm provides its clients with legal advice and counseling in the following areas:

At customs level:

  • Customs-related violations and crimes.
  • Challenging of charges for tax differences.
  • Tax reimbursement and challenging.
  • Unfair trade practices, dumping investigations, safeguards, quotas, etc..
  • Classification and origin of goods matters.
  • Investigations about valuation in import and export transactions.
  • Authorization of factory and home customs. (Aduana factoría y domiciliarias)
  • Authorization for opening bonded warehouses and tanks.
  • Registrations before the Registry of Importers and Exporters.
  • Collection of export benefits (draw-backs and tax reimbursements).
  • Release of customs guarantees and sureties

At court level and before other organizations:

  • Proceedings before the Federal Tax Court
  • Proceedings before Federal Contentious-Administrative courts.
  • Proceedings before courts with jurisdiction over Economic Criminal matters.
  • Proceedings before the Central Bank in connection with exchange issues.
  • Provisional remedies.